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Drug Addiction: Why Do People Take Drug?

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What Does Drug Addiction Mean?

Drug addiction also sometimes referred to as substance use disorder is a chronic brain disease which manipulates the brain in believing that the use of legal or illegal drugs is crucial. Drug addict despite knowing the harm drug is causing them mentally & physically, cannot resist themselves from consuming it.

Drug Addiction: Why Do People Take Drug?

In simpler word drug addiction means failure in controlling usage of drug or medication despite the harm caused.

Drug addiction affects the brain circuits that involve self-control & stress. Changes caused to brain due to drug addiction can last for a long duration even after addicts quit consuming drugs.

What Causes Drug Addiction?

Addiction is a complicated condition that develops as a collective of many factors. Drug addiction is mostly initiated due to temporary consumption of substance just for the purpose of socializing or bonding, later turned into a habit or addiction.

Some drug addictions also result owing to the exposure to prescribed medications. People consume prescribed medicine or pain killer to feel better or ease the pain. But frequent consumption of medicine to curb the pain makes the person dependent on it. Hence the person starts believing that they won’t feel better or their pain won’t stop unless they consume the medicine.

Why Do People Take Drugs?

There are few psychological reasons for which people consume drugs

  • To feel good – Drugs are said to generate an exceptional feeling of pleasure. Consumption of drugs like cocaine increases confidence & energy, while heroin usage generates a feeling of relaxation & comfort.
  • To feel better – People who endure social anxiety, nervousness, and despair commence doing drugs to attempt to appear less concerned & feel better. Stress is one of the major culprits in starting & continuing drug use.
  • Improvising task – growing expectations can make a person focus more on the study or work for the best outcome. Few people can survive the pressure and outperform but some cant handle and opt taking drugs for improved concentration & alertness in work or school. Some people also use it to improve their sports skills and capacity.
  • curiosity & social influence – The main cause of teens getting into the drug is curiosity or societal pressure. Teens tend to try drugs to impress peers or get along with them. Sometimes the fear of being felt out forces them to try out drugs.

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Drug Addiction?

Sign & symptoms of drug addiction may vary, but few most common drug addiction symptoms are listed below:

  • Dependent on a drug to feel good or relaxed.
  • Urge to consume drugs on a daily basis or several times in a day
  • Not feeling better with an adequate amount of consumption. The small amount that used to be sufficient no more works.
  • Making drugs available even though they are not affordable
  • Despite learning the harm drugs are causing to you mentally, physically & socially still continuing the consumption.
  • Failing in several attempts to stop consuming drugs.
  • Experiencing withdrawal while attempting to restrict taking the drug

How to Know Whether a Person is a Drug Addict?

An increasing number of drug addiction has been recorded. It’s important to recognize whether any of your close people say family member or friend has the addiction or on the way to addiction, so you can help them out from the situation

  • Behavioral changes – It’s a bit difficult to distinguish between behavioral changes caused due to teenage mood swings and drug addiction. Many time people confuse drug-related behavioral changes as a teenage tantrum. A person doing drug becomes very secretive & extreme shifts in behavior and in connections with family & friends can be noticed.
  • Deterioration of health condition – Drug addicts usually seems to be tired & lacks energy. A shift in weight is seen- either they losses or gain weight.
  • Difficulties at school or work – Drug addicts all of sudden lose interest in work or study & decline in their performance and grade is observed. They repeatedly avoid going to school or work
  • Unhygienic approach — They don’t pay attention to basic hygiene & lack of interest in clothing, grooming or looks Money issues — they unexpected demands for money without a logical reason or always run out of money.

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