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Hectic city lifestyle can take a toll on ones sexual health. Hence to seek timely and appropriate, scientifically proven treatments under a sexologist in Vashi, Navi Munbai is of utmost importance.

Managing Sexual Health

Sexual health is determined by one’s anatomy (bodily structure), physiology (bodily function)as well as psychology. It is also greatly influenced by one’s culture, relationships with others and past experiences. Normal sexuality includes desire for sex, behaviour that brings pleasure to self and to the partner as well as stimulation of the sex organs, including intercourse/coitus.

Sexual performance is a vegetative function and as such, by definition, is one of the many processes that are most directly concerned with the purpose of maintenance of life; others being: eating, sleeping, bowel/bladder functions and menstruation.

Despite the biological importance of normal sexual health, many people ignore it, either shying away from the subject altogether or not recognising its vitality. Due to the stigma attached to this subject, many of those who suffer from sexual disorders hesitate to seek help. Even if they do, they try to seek help from unscientific or unreliable sources. This leads to ineffective or adverse treatments, thus further affecting the person’s psychological health which in turns adversely affects the sexual health. After all, psychology has a deep impact on sexual function.

Hence to seek timely and appropriate, scientifically proven treatments is of utmost importance. Knowledge about normal sexual function is as important to determine what then, is abnormal or needs help/ treatment. We have discussed some common sexual disorders here in brief.

A sexual act has four stages: desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution. Each of these stages when attained normally, comprise of a normal sexual act. However, disorders can arise in any of these above four stages.

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  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Other Sexual Disorders

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