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Disruptive Behaviour and Aggression

How we can help control Disruptive Behaviour and Aggression in Children

Just as in any other case, our child psychiatrist will get a detailed history is sought from parents or other caregivers if needed. A mental state examination of the child is taken. Sometimes, psychological tests are applied depending on the clinical picture. All of the above is very essential for a diagnosis as accurate as possible. Since aggression/ disruptive behaviour is a symptom of an underlying illness, treating that illness is the mainstay of therapy. Treatment includes both methods: Biological- medications and Non-biological- psychotherapy, counselling, family therapy, parental counseling, etc.

Early Sign of Disruptive Behaviour and Aggression

Children are brought by parents sometimes with complaints of disruptive behaviour, anger outbursts, aggression, disobedience or even anti-social behaviour. The problem behaviours may vary from child to child, differing in severity as well. Sometimes, parents are unaware of the problem behaviours as they may present exclusively in school settings and hence are only made aware bye feedback received from school authorities.

Primary causes of Disruptive Behaviour and Aggression in Children

Causes of Behavioural issues can range from “acting out” frustration, or other psychological issues the child maybe facing, like unstable family environment, bullying at school, ostracism faced by the child secondary to other reasons. Sometimes, this maybe a symptom of a frank psychiatric illness. In some psychiatric disorders, for e.g.: Conduct disorder, Oppositional Defiant disorder, Autistic Spectrum disorder, Intellectual disability, etc. The child may display a range of aggressive behaviours that may be directed to self or others.