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Difficulty in Studies

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When to visit a Child Psychiatrist /Psychologist for studying difficulties

  • Usually, parents may show concern regarding the academic decline of the child, as it is of great importance in schooling years.
  • Sometimes, parents may bring their children for consultation as they are advised by the teachers.
  • Older students, may themselves show concern and may consult of their own accord.

Since the schooling years are the foundation years of our educational life, it is best to seek consultation as soon as possible. To delay seeking consultation/ help may result in losing precious time and as such can adversely affect the outcome of therapy.

Signs that your child has difficulty studying.

  1. More often than not, parents may notice a decline in their child’s academic performance as compared to their child’s peers or even as compared to the child’s past performance.
  2. Sometimes, teachers may inform parents regarding the academic decline.
  3. Some students, especially in the higher grades may themselves become concerned with their declining performance and may seek help or request parents to seek appropriate consultation for them.
  4. Difficulties may range from overall academic performance decline, to difficulty in a single area like- reading, writing, math, or difficulty paying attention or understanding instructions given in class.
  5. Many a times, children face social ostracism, being ridiculed by their peers, discriminated against by their teachers or compared unfairly by parents with their classmates.
  6. Secondary to the academic difficulties, the child then, may develop behavioural issues or may “act out” in the form of aggressive behaviour, frequent fights with peers, disobedience towards authorities, etc.
  7. Often, children may develop low self-esteem due to constant comparisons and expectations that they are unable to fulfill.

Primary causes

“Scholastic backwardness” or difficulty in studying can be due to various reasons including some psychiatric disorders like Learning Disorders (LDs), Intellectual Disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Communication Disorders, etc

Some children may also have scholastic difficulties secondary to Anxiety disorders, Depressive disorders, Bipolar Mood disorders, Psychotic disorders that are known to sometimes have an earlier than usual onset.

What to expect during a consult with Manovikas Clinic’s Child Psychiatrist;

Once the child has approached for consultation alongwith parents, a detailed history is noted by our child psychiatrist . A mental state examination of child is crucial and helps determine our diagnosis. More often than not, testing is advised. This is done to have a comprehensive approach towards the patient and helps avoid diagnostic confusion, which is quite common in pediatric cases due to the emerging and evolving illnesses. The tests may involve Intelligence testing as well as testing of Personality traits. Treatment is tailored as per the diagnosis or diagnoses. Treatment, more often than not, include both medications as well as psychotherapy. Sometimes, counseling of parents, regarding parenting skills may also be needed.

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