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There are many myths regarding psychotherapy hence most of the people are reluctant today also to visit a psychiatrist or counsellor. A Psychotherapy basically used to guide the client to be aware of his thoughts, feelings and behaviour as well as the connection between it. It helps the person to understand their present unhealthy coping mechanism and how to adapt new skills to deal with the challenging situations.

Psychotherapy & Counselling at Manovikas Clinic ?

In Manovikas, as the name suggests our team is dedicated for “VIKAS”, “PRAGATI”, “SUCCESS”, “GROWTH” of “MIND”. Mind is most beautiful, ALIVE part of human machine; but at the same time it is the most unpredictable part. Hence our qualified team guide the person to understand the most inner mental paths of his/her mind. Some of which he/she is not even aware. Thus it encourage them to take conscious efforts to work upon their unhelpful thoughts and unhealthy emotions. So we welcome you here not because you have a problem and you are not able to deal with it. We invite you here because we know that every person is capable to deal with those issues. We are just trying to be that lens through which you can see your strengths and weaknesses.

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