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Difference between Sadness & Depression? Why it is important to know it.

Psychiatry . By Dr. Vikas Deshmukh . January 18, 2019

Through years into my clinical practice, i have acquainted many patients fighting with depression who thought they were just sad. Alternatively, i have also met patients who were actually sad but were worried that they might be depressed. Due to the reason that depression is generally associated with the primary symptom of extreme sadness, many…


Want your kids to tell you about their day at school? Try these questions.

Psychiatry . By Dr. Vikas Deshmukh . January 10, 2019

Most parents make the mistake of asking their kids, “How was your day?” after they return from a long school day. And it is the same answer over and over again, “Fine, Mummy!” or “Good”, we obviously feel dejected and look for reason disappointed. So how would it be possible for kids to be more…p> Details

10 Steps to Control Gadget Addiction among Kids

10 Steps to Control Gadget Addiction among Kids

Addiction Treatment . By Dr. Vikas Deshmukh . December 19, 2018

Hi friends, in my previous blog we talked about the hazardous effects of gadget use on physical, psychological and social development of children. As we all know in today’s life we can’t progress without gadgets…so there are no two thoughts about the usefulness of gadgets and that they boost our working speed and capacity like…


Gadget addiction among kids : It is that BAD

Addiction Treatment . By Dr. Vikas Deshmukh . November 13, 2018

Recently in my Clinic I met Ajay, a 15 year old boy brought for consultation by his parents. They were very concerned regarding his recent changes in behaviour with regards to excess usage of cell phone. Speaking with Ajay, he agreed to his excessive cell phone use saying “I know I am spending a lot…


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